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    Our beautiful church!!

  • Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

    Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church

    This is our beautiful church!!!!!

  • two new front doors for our church

    two new front doors for our church

    There beautiful

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    Orthodox 101

    Great class!

Hi everyone, 

Welcome to our church website.  We are very blessed to have our beautiful church in Fitchburg.  Everyone is invited to attend our services.  We are a Trinitarian church which means that we believe in one God who is The Father, the Son, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We celebrate the Divine Liturgy every Sunday in which we distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to our parishioners.  We are the oldest traditional faith. Our church began on Pentecost when the disciples recieved the fire from the Holy Spirit and they went out to the public to preach and teach the Love of God.

Thanks for visiting our website and we have many links to share with you that would inform you of our rich and magnificent faith.

Below, we have our Liturgical Calendar for the month of March as we enter Holy Lent.  Again, please enjoy our website. 

Liturgical Calendar for March, 2020. 

Sunday, March 29th: “The Fourth Sunday of Lent," Divine Liturgy, 10:00AM.  Due to the pandemic we are facing, this service will be live streamed on the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church "Facebook Live" page at 10:00AM.  


 We will only have the priest, ONE chanter, and ONE altar server.      


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